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Articulation Test Center Review

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I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write a review of the Articulation Test Center app by Little Bee Speech.  I have seen this app in the App Store but have not been too sure about spending the money to try it out.  One thing I can say for sure is this app is worth every cent!  

Articulation Test Center is an iPad app designed for use by Speech-Language Pathologists, teachers, and parents.  It has two main features: the Quick Test (screener) and the Full Test.

The Quick Test is a great option to use as a beginning of the school year screener, or as an initial articulation screening tool for a child.  It is easy to use, has crisp and clear images, and provides specific data with a report for each student.  The Quick Test option allows users to test specific phonemes based on the child’s age. Each age range test targets the phonemes that a child will typically have in their sound repertoire by that age.  

The Full Test is a more in depth option that allows the user to select specific targets to test.  

The Full Test also enables the user to collect and record a speech sample from the child based on a picture scene.  There are three different scenes to select from and all are full of people, animals, and activities to describe.  Language prompts are also provided to help the child continue their description during the speech sample.

Both the Quick Test and the Full Test present the target word with a picture and the word above the picture with the target sounds highlighted in green.  The user is able to quickly and easily mark the sounds as correct, incorrect, or as a close approximation.  The app also allows specific substitutions and phonological processes to be noted for each target sound. 

Once testing is complete, a report is generated with the results.  The report is an easy to read, organized description of words tested, errors, and phonological processes and substitutions marked during testing.  The report feature also provides a written summary of the results that can be emailed or printed for reference.  

What I like the most about this app is how easy it is to learn.  I was able to navigate the app and complete several sample tests after watching two quick tutorials (which are posted on the Little Bee Speech website and within the app itself).  This app has a lot to offer and I was glad to see that accessing all of the features is straightforward and simple.  The tutorials also offer an in depth look into all of the features the app offers, for anyone who may not be sure about whether it will suit their needs.  

Another feature I was glad to see is the descriptions of the phonological processes provided.  As an SLP graduate student I have most of these fresh in my mind from hours of studying for exams and assignments.  However, some of the less common phonological processes may be more difficult to quickly identify and having a description and example handy during the test will be extremely helpful.  This feature will also be helpful for any teachers or parents who want to use the app and are not familiar with phonological processes.  

The only drawback I see to this app is that it is not standardized and may not be sufficient for use in qualifying a child for speech therapy services.  It is a great app to use as an additional, informal assessment and for progress monitoring, but would not be able to be the only assessment used when determining eligibility for services.  

Overall, I am very pleased with this app.  The folks at Little Bee Speech have done an excellent job of creating an app that is useful in a variety of ways and easy to use.  I am exited to have this app as a tool while performing articulation screenings, gathering more information during assessments, and progress monitoring my students during therapy sessions.  I think the kids will love being on an iPad instead of just using drill cards and I see myself using this app a lot this school year.  

If you are interested in purchasing Articulation Test Center or Articulation Station Pro (another app by Little Bee Speech), they can be found in the App Store  for $49.99. Both of these apps will be ON SALE August 12-14, 2014.

Note: I was not paid for writing this review.  I was provided with a copy of the Articulation Test Center in order to complete my review, but all opinions contained in this review are my personal opinions.  I do not represent any company, product or school. 


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