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September 2015

Reflection: Choosing Service Time for Speech Students

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Lately, I have found myself reflecting on the amount of speech time each of my students receives.  As I acquire new students and re-evaluate IEP goals and objectives, I need to decide on the best service delivery time to meet my students’ needs.  I decided to write a post about the process of deciding on service delivery time for speech.  This is a moment of self-reflection for me, but may be helpful to others also […]

When I start thinking about how much speech time a child  needs, I always look at two very important points first:
1. The chronological and/or developmental age of the child, and
2. The goals and objectives I have written for the child.

The age of the child is a huge factor in making my decision about how much speech time the child  should receive.  I always take their actual chronological age into consideration, as well as their developmental age.  If the child is very young, I don’t usually propose a speech time longer than 20 minutes.  The little ones I see tend to lose focus around the 20 minute mark and it can be difficult to fill more than 20 minutes with enough activities to keep them engaged the entire session.  But…it depends on the individual child.  I have had some pre-k students who I could keep for 30 minutes at a time and they did great.  The same is true when looking at developmental age.  I may see a 10 year old, who is closer to the age of 3 or 4 developmentally.  They may benefit from shorter sessions as well. 

The other big factor I take into consideration when assigning speech time is the child’s goals and objectives. I never, ever decide on a speech time before my goals and objectives are written.  This is so important because the service time needs to be appropriate for the needs of the child.  If I have written a lot of goals for the year, I may propose 2 or 3 30 minute sessions per week.  I generally stick with 2 sessions per week, unless I have a child who really needs more than that.  If a child has just a few goals, they may not need 2 sessions a week, or they may need 15-20 minute sessions as opposed to 30 minutes.  Again, it all depends on the needs of the students.

Another piece of service delivery time we need to decide on is the frequency of the sessions.  I prefer to see my students for 2 or 3 days a week.  I usually save my one day a week sessions for students who are working on maintenance/carryover of a skill and just need a weekly push to keep at it.  Otherwise, I tend to stick with 2 sessions per week.  In an ideal world, I would love to see all of my kids every day of the week, but this is just not realistic.  I always keep in mind how much class time they will be missing when they come to speech, as well as how frequently I am on their campus.  I travel between different districts and it’s not always possible to be on every campus every day of the week.  Sessions 2 or 3 times a week are generally appropriate and what I will most often recommend.

The most important thing to remember when proposing speech time for your students is that it is always an individual decision based on the needs of the student.  It’s very easy to get into a habit of giving every student 2 20 minute sessions a week, or 2 30 minute session a week.  But we have to remember to select our time based on what the child needs, not what fits into our schedule best.  If we can keep this is mind, and communicate that with parents and teachers, we will be able to better serve our students. 

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New Blog – Check it Out!

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 I have a new blog and a new name!   
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Speech & Langauge Screeners Linky Party

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Thank you to Twin Speech Language & Literacy for hosting this great linky focusing on speech and language screeners.  There are so many times when I have needed a quick screener and just didn’t have time to search for a good one.  Now I won’t have to search because there are several SLP bloggers who have linked up to share their screeners.  I have an articulation screener that I use often and wanted to share, too.  My screener is designed to be used by other SLPs, as well as classroom teachers who are in the process of gathering information for a possible referral […]

SLPs often complete informal screenings on students before a formal referral is completed.  Every district has different guidelines on when an SLP can complete a screening.  Some do whole class screenings for younger students at the beginning of the year and some do not.  Sometimes a district does not want the SLP to screen a student until a formal referral has been completed and consent from the parents has been obtained.  In this case, the teacher may need to conduct the screening or gather specific information on the child’s articulation development to help determine whether a referral will be appropriate.

My screener was designed for SLP use, but also simplified enough that a classroom teacher could use it as a way of gathering more info for the SLP prior to the formal referral.

This product includes:

*Stimulus pictures for 47 target phonemes, including blends and clusters.  Most phonemes have stimulus items for the target sound in word initial, medial, and final position (when applicable).

*A recording sheet with an area for the SLP to make notes/analyze 
the results to help plan future action. 
*A phoneme development chart to use as reference.
*Detailed instructions for teacher use 
(SLPs may want to use the screener more specifically).
You can find my Teacher Friendly Easy Articulation Screener in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE
Also, be sure to head over to Twin Speech Language & Literacy to check out all the other screeners.  There are some really good tools over there!  

Welcome to My New Blog!!!

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Welcome to my new blog!  I have been laying low on social media this month while I transitioned over to my new blog and it has been so difficult!  I have wanted to post and share every day, but I was waiting for the blog to be ready and now I am excited to share it with you all.  I want to thank Blogs Fitfor a Queen for designing my new blog.  They really did a fantastic job and I HIGHLY recommend them for all of your blog design needs. Thank you Blog Queens!
A few months ago, I began thinking about a blog change.  I really liked “Beautiful Speech,” but there were several things that got me thinking about a change.  The biggest reason for my name change was that the name “Beautiful Speech” was already taken on several social media sites (I had to use “BeautifulSpch”) and I was unable to take ownership of beautifulspeech dot com.  I also wanted something with a little more personality and Talkin’ with Twang was just perfect. (Shout out to Jenna Rayburn at Speech Room News for helping me come up with the new name….isn’t she amazing?) These reasons, among others, were what convinced me to go ahead and make the switch.  And I am LOVING the new blog so much!
Eleven years ago I moved from San Diego, CA to a very small town in Central Texas.  I immediately embraced the small town Texas life and have loved every day I have lived here.  Speech therapy in rural Texas can bring some interesting moments and challenges that you may not find in more urban areas.  I hope to share some of my Texas speech adventures with you through my blog posts. 
I also love creating materials to use with my students and hope that others may find use for them as well.  The main purpose of every product I create is to fulfill a need I have in my therapy room.  I always work from my caseload, but try to make my products general enough that others can use them, too.  Not everything is Texas/southern themed, but I do hope to create some new products over the next few months that will showcase my new theme of Talkin’ with Twang.  I am looking forward to sharing a bit of my small town Texas life with you and hope that you may be able to add a little southern twang to your speech room, too! 
Thanks for stopping by!