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End of the Year Encouragement

By May 8, 2016 8 Comments

This has been a whirlwind of a year.  I have about a week left in my Clinical Fellowship and I absolutely cannot wait to send off that application for my CCC.  I have learned a ton and experienced some great growth as an SLP.  However, as the year winds down, the exhaustion is setting in.  There are still evaluations to be completed, reports to be written, and IEP meetings to be held.  The end of the year is definitely a busy one for SLPs, teachers, and anyone else who works in the school setting.  The Frenzied SLPs are hosting a linky to share tips to help us all get through the end of school year rush.  My post is more about encouragement than actual tips.  Enjoy!

I find that this time of year there is a lot of focus on the countdown to the last day of school.  State testing is wrapping up (Texas students finish up this week) and students are beginning to “check out.”  It is easy to fall into an end of school year rut.  We just need to make it to the end, right? 

What we need to remember is that we still have valuable time to spend with our students.  Every minute we spend together is a minute we can spend encouraging them, teaching them, and showing them we still care.  Our students don’t know about our to-do lists, or about how behind we are in our report writing.  They only know what they see during our sessions together. 

I try to remind myself each session that I only have a few days left with these students.  We can still have fun, and we can still make progress.  The year is not over yet!  We also don’t know if we will see our students again after summer.  It is always a possibility that someone will move, or we will be assigned to a new campus.  It’s important to make the most of the time we have left together.

So, for my words of encouragement…stay strong, hang in there, and know that you are still making a difference every day.  Try to find some time each day where you can remind yourself that you are so important to your students.  Let’s finish this year strong and enjoy the last few sessions we have with them. 🙂 

How do you keep yourself motivated?  To link up or for some more great tips on how to how to end your school year strong, head over to Gold Country SLP


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