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Best Year Ever TPT Sale {Linky}

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It’s that time again! Back to school! And Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a big sale just in time! I’m planning to make this year the best year ever for me and my students! To help celebrate, my entire store is on sale for 20% off through August 5. Plus, on August 1-2, you can save an additional 10% by using the code BESTYEAR at checkout.
To help kickoff the sale, I’m linking up with Speech Room News to share some of the best resources I have available in my store, as well as some awesome resources by my TPT seller friends. Happy shopping! 
From my store you definitely should check out:
1. Articulation Sudoku MEGA Bundle (you can also purchase the individual products separately if you don’t want the entire bundle)

2. Easy Articulation Screener (great for SLPs and for teachers to gather info for referrals)
3. Themed Sounds in Syllables Practice – great for working of target phonemes at the syllable level, but can also be used for word level, too.

Other great products to check out:
1. Wh- Question Bundle from Ms. Gardenia’s Speech Room – my students LOVE these books!

2. Speech and Language Homework from Kiwi Speech – this will be so great to use this year!

3. Articulation Homework by A Perfect Blend – I love quick homework products!

4. Response to Intervention Bundle by Speech Room News – this looks amazing!

Don’t forget to follow my store while you’re shopping.  You’ll be the first to hear about new products and sales.  You can also join my email list and get exclusive subscriber freebies and deals!

And don’t forget to head back over to the linky at Speech Room News and check out all the other great resources being talked about!  

What’s in Your Cart {Linky}

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It’s time for a Teachers Pay Teachers site wide sale! That means I’ll be shopping!  I’m linking up with Jenna at Speech Room News to share some of the products I think you should grab during the sale.  My store, along with many others, will be on sale for 20% off.  Plus, you can use the code SMILE to save an additional 10% off your purchase at checkout.  The sale will be […]November 30-December 1. Happy shopping!

From my store: Talkin’ with Twang you will want to be sure and get my Articulation Sudoku pack.  It includes 63 pages of printable Sudoku pages to target a variety of phonemes in a variety of positions.  I like to bind mine into a book and copy the pages I need for sessions/homework.

Also be sure to check out my Articulation Scenes packet.  These scenes are loaded with pictures targeting specific phonemes.  Grab it now and you will get all additions to the product for FREE.  I plan to add many more pages in the future.

You will also want to check out my newest product, Themed Sounds in Syllables Practice. This packet helps make practicing sounds in syllables fun!

I will also be shopping!  Here are some of the items I plan on getting during the big sale.

Winter Holidays: Open Ended Games by TLC Talk Shop

No Prep Christmas Language Pack by Panda Speech

 No Print Christmas Language & Articulation by Speech Therapy Fun

Articulation Secret Codes by Kiwi Speech

Core Word of the Week by Speech Room News

Happy shopping!

Back to School Sale What’s in Your Cart? {Linky}

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It’s that time again…back to school!  I start back on August 3, but won’t actually have students until the end of August.  That should give me plenty of time to prep my speech room, organize, and plan for the start of the year.  To help get us all started on our back to school planning, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a site wide sale.  These sales are great because many TPT sellers put their stores on sale at the same time, allowing buyers to save up to 28% on almost everything (discounts vary from store to store).  For this sale, I have linked up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for a What’s in Your Cart linky party.

For this sale, my entire store will be 20% off and you can save an additional 10% off by using the code BTS15 at checkout.  That will give you a total of 28% off!  This is a great time to pick up some of the helpful resources I have in my store.  Here are a few that you will want to check out:

This articulation screener has everything you need to quick screen students at the beginning of the year.  There are picture prompts for all phonemes in word initial, medial, and final position (blends, and clusters, too), data sheets, a phoneme development chart to use as reference, and instructions for use as a teacher screener.  See more about this product in my blog post. Grab it during the sale by clicking here.

This interactive book features pages with manipulative pieces for students to tell about themselves.  This is a great getting to know you activity in which students can practice giving information about themselves.  Visuals are provided for every sentence on every page, making this a great tool to use with young students, students with autism, limited verbal ability, or just about anyone.  Grab it on sale by clicking here

This pronoun-verb flipbook provides great practice for students who have goals for pronouns (he, she, they), verbs (is, are), and/or -ing verbs.  Students can flip the pages to create sentences to match each picture.  See more of this product in the blog post I wrote about it and grab it on sale by clicking here

I will also be doing some shopping during the big BTS sale.  Here are a few of the products I have had my eye on and will be buying during the sale:

Multiple Meaning Words for Middle School Bundle by Natalie Snyders.  You can purchase each set separately, but I’ve had my eye on the bundle.

Little Fish Cut & Paste Articulation by Mia McDaniels

Fall Interactive Books by My Speech Universe

I have my wishlist all ready to go for the big sale.  Comment below and share the great resources you plan on picking up during the sale.

Don’t forget to head back over to Speech Room News to see what others have in their carts.  It’s a great way to browse through different stores.  Happy shopping!

Make Your Masterpiece ~ TPT Seller Challenge Week 3

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I have been participating in the TPT Seller Challenge and challenge #3 was a biggie!  Make Your Masterpiece was the challenge for the week and it motivated me to complete a product I had started, but not finished.  I present to you, my Teacher Friendly Easy Articulation Screener.  Read on below to learn more about this new product in my store.

SLPs often complete informal screenings on students before a formal referral is completed.  Every district has different guidelines on when an SLP can complete a screening.  Some do whole class screenings for younger students at the beginning of the year and some do not.  Sometimes a district does not want the SLP to screen a student until a formal referral has been completed and consent from the parents has been obtained.  In this case, the teacher may need to conduct the screening or gather specific information on the child’s articulation development to help determine whether a referral will be appropriate.

My screener was designed for SLP use, but also simplified enough that a classroom teacher could use it as a way of gathering more info for the SLP prior to the formal referral.

This product includes:

*Stimulus pictures for 47 target phonemes, including blends and clusters.  Most phonemes have stimulus items for the target sound in word initial, medial, and final position (when applicable).

*A recording sheet with an area for the SLP to make notes/analyze the results to help plan future action. 

 *A phoneme development chart to use as reference.

*Detailed instructions for teacher use (SLPs may want to use the screener more specifically).

I am excited to have this product ready to use before the new school year starts. Thank you to Mandi at Panda Speech and Kristi at Learning with Leaders for reviewing my product and helping me improve it. I really appreciate your help!  I know I will use it frequently and I hope others find it useful, too!

Thanks for checking out my new masterpiece!  Don’t forget to check out other new products by visiting the linky at Sparkling in Second.

Click here to visit the TPT Seller Challenge Pinterest board and see all the new products posted.


Dare to Dream ~ TPT Seller Challenge #2

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I am loving the TPT Seller Challenge going on right now.  So many educators have joined in the fun, and I just love seeing all the posts.  This week’s topic is Dare to Dream.  We are each posting about what our hopes and dreams are for our TPT stores.  Here are mine:

Freedom from student loans!!!  Ugh, the dreaded student loan payment.  Between my husband and myself we have a good chunk of student loan debt.  I was motivated to start my TPT store when I saw another SLP post about being able to make extra payments on her student loans with her store profits.  That was enough inspiration for me.  I am dreaming of the day that my store brings in enough money that I, too, can start paying extra on those awful student loans.

Flexibility in the budget – My husband and I both work, and we do pretty well with our budgeting, but my dream is to have a little more flexibility built in for those “extra” things.  Sometimes last minute expenses pop up that don’t really qualify as “emergencies” and I would love to have some more “misc.” money built into the budget.  I would also like to be able to know we have funded our retirements sufficiently, as well as our daughter’s college education.  And it’s always great to have extra to give generously. 

Vacations and travel – My family all lives in California, and I’m in Texas.  My visits back home are limited by the expense of traveling back and forth.  Airfare is expensive and driving takes too long.  I also have a long list of places in the world I would love to visit: New York, Alaska, Australia, Hawaii, among others.  Vacations and travel can take months to years of saving for.  I am hoping my TPT store will help us be able to fund some future family trips.

Networking and friendships – I just love that blogs and TPT stores can bring people from all over the country (world even) together.  I am hoping that my blog and TPT store will allow me to meet other SLPs/educators and that I can have a circle of friends all over.  It’s one of the things I love the most about reading other blogs.  Sharing ideas and networking makes us all better at what we do.

So those are my hopes and dreams for the future of my TPT Store and blog.  I am looking forward to reading what everyone else is dreaming of.  You can head over to Sparkling in Second to see all the other blogs that have linked up to share their BIG dreams. 

Sparkling in Second

Makeover Madness ~ TPT Seller Challenge #1

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I have joined in the fun of the Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Challenge hosted by Sparkling in Second, Teach Create Motivate, Third in Hollywood, and Peppy Zeppy Teacherista.

Challenge #1 was to makeover an old product.  I chose one of my first products that desperately needed some updates.  The product is my prefix and suffix packet and you can check out the updates I made below:

This product had a sort of movie theme to it, but it wasn’t very consistent.  I updated the cover page to show off the theme a bit more.

I also changed the root word cards so they look like admission tickets (to stick with the theme).

Another change was to make the root word cards bigger than the prefix/suffix cards.  This will help them to stand out more as students manipulate the cards.  I also cleaned up the prefix/suffix cards by making the lines thicker (this will help students to cut them out better if being used as a cut & paste activity).

Other pages include recording sheets, teaching cards, and game boards for extra practice.

You can find this prefix and suffix packet in my TPT Store by clicking here.  It will 35% off for the next few days, so grab it while it’s on sale!

Don’t forget to follow me on social media and click back to Sparkling in Second to see what other TPT sellers have updated in their stores.


Teachers Pay Teachers Sale – Linky Party!

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Linky Party @ Speech Room News

To celebrate educators, TPT is having a site wide sale.  My store (any many others) will be on sale for 20% off.  Plus, if you use the code “Thank You” at checkout, you can save an additional 10%.  That’s a total of 28% off the original price!

I have linked up with Jenna at Speech Room News to help promote the sale.  Check out which products I think would be great to grab during the sale and then click back to her page to see what others have to suggest..

From my store, you’ll want to grab my Spring Print-and-Go Sentence Packet.  This packet is great for working on all different types of sentences, including complete/incomplete, simple/compound, and complex sentences.

Sentence Packet – Spring

I also have a Wh- Question packet that works great with older students or those that are reading.  It can be used with younger students, but will need to be read to them.

Wh- Question Packet

During the sale, I plan to get some of the awesome flip books by The Dabbling Speechie.  I have had my eye on these for a while and the sale will be the perfect opportunity to make my purchase!

Inferences Flip Book

/f,v/ Flip Book

Happy Shopping!

#AprilSLPMustHave Sale ~ April 7!!!

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Just a reminder that tomorrow, April 7, is the last SLP Must Have sale of the school year.  You can grab some great deals on fabulous products over at Teachers Pay Teachers.  A bunch of SLPs will be selecting one item to list for 50% off for one day only.

My April Must Have is my new spring themed sentence packet. This packet has printable worksheets that can be used for working on complete/incomplete, simple/compound, and compound/complex sentences.  It will be only $1.50 tomorrow!!!  That’s a great deal!

Sentence Packet

Sample Page

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone has on sale tomorrow.  To find all the great sale items, just search #AprilSLPMustHave.  I will probably also search #SLPMustHave because some people may not add in the month.  You’ll be able to find my product either way. 

Happy shopping!!!

SALE!!! SLPs on Teachers Pay Teachers Linky Party!

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Teachers Pay Teachers is having a big sale and my store will be marked down 20%, plus the additional % that TPT gives using the promo code HEROES.  The sale starts on February 25!

You can use the code to get some of my products at a discount. Check out the following products I will have on sale…

Vocabulary/Categories Pack

Comparative/Superlative Adjectives Pack

Articulation Scenes

I plan to use the sale to grab some great SLP items, too!  Here are a few of the items in my cart:

1. Community Helpers: Photo Book & Flashcards by Speech Room News

Community Helpers: Photo Book and Photo Flashcards

2. Interactive Book of Pronouns by Speech Made Simple

Interactive Book of Pronouns

3. Grammar Progress Monitoring Tool by Natalie Snyders

Grammar Progress Monitoring Tool for Speech Language Therapy

You can head over to the wonderful hostess of this linky party, Speech Room News to see what other SLPs are posting about.